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The “BoomerX” Generation has become the invisible generation. Let’s fix that.


What is your Gray Market

Don't have one? Big mistake. BoomerX (50-year+) is one of the most affluent, liquid and attractive consumer groups in the
US and UK. Their spending power and brand loyalty scores are off the chart. Yet most marketers, for some unknown reason, choose to ignore this precious audience. Why?

We started Openly Gray because we are this generation and we’re tired of feeling invisible. We believe the BoomerX generation deserves to be seen and heard and represented loudly and proudly.

Enough is enough. Whether you’re a non-profit or uber-profit outfit, you would be wise not to overlook what’s staring you right in the face.

BoomerX. Don’t forget it.

Gray Brand Development

What’s your brand? Sounds a lot like that oldie but goodie nugget from the ‘70s – what’s your sign? The truth is companies and agencies don’t create brands, consumers and customers do. Because a brand is a feeling, a memory, something that comes from within that is completely personal. What companies and agencies can do is create branding – visual and verbal assets that show your purchasers and users that you understand them, you get them, and you understand what moves them to choose your product over another, even though the two may be identical. Openly Gray specializes in creating brand strategies that resonate and appeal to the 50+ consumer. Tightly structured and highly nuanced strategies that the particular audience sees, hears, and acts upon.

Gray Content Creation

Anyone with a subscription to Adobe Creative Suite can create graphics. But creating great graphics, copy, packaging, digital assets, and video that speak directly to the 50+ consumer is as much science as it is art. Color, type, imagery, and situation create compelling content. Many believe that artificial intelligence easily replaces the steady hand and sensibilities of human creativity. And while there is no denying that technology is a great tool to accelerate and automate content, it is only based on the clear and creative inputs that come from us mortals. When considering content, think more about outcomes than outputs. The two are inextricably connected. And our talented creative staff, with decades of experience from the country’s most recognized and respected creative agencies will show you how content leads to consideration and success.

Gray Marketing Strategy

Marketing, inspired marketing, meets needs in the marketplace and is clearly defined and differentiated among its competitors. We work collaboratively with you to determine the perfect marketing mix. Think of a funnel. At the top of the widest part is awareness. Once your brand is known, you move down the funnel to consideration, where purchase is a possibility. Consideration leads to trial and trial leads to loyalty. 50+ consumer are radically brand loyal, have higher than average disposable income, and, after 20+ years of working and caring for a family, are ready to live the life they love. Defining and executing the best possible marketing strategy takes knowledge of the end consumer, the category in which its sold, and the competitive environment. Data and empirical evidence is used to be laser-focused with our marketing strategies.

Colorful Creative

Creative execution is where concepts are transformed from scribbles on a napkin to that shiny commercial or piece of digital content you can't skip, except of course with a DVR. There's a constant dance between the "out there" ideas and what might resonate with the BoomerX target audience. A million ideas might be tossed around before that magical, golden nugget emerges. Other times, inspiration strikes like lightning in a bottle. And in a perfect world you get the rumble of thunder too. Then the execution: transforming that spark into a full-fledged campaign. It's a whirlwind of collaboration, with everyone from the client to the intern working together to make the impossible possible.

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